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Originally Posted by Diplomacy View Post
I bought your book, excellent work and money well spent.

I found your observations and speculation about the turbine fountain to be particularly helpful to my current research project.

I would also point out that the methods used to use the earth as a giant capacitor/inductor that attracts extra electrons is very similar to what Bedini's pulses do to a battery, with the battery replacing the earth. The ground connection can be done away with if a sufficiently large pile of lead proportional to the direct load that powers the exciting portion of the system is available. It is all about making a space where the fluid being pumped around likes to sit so it can pool up before being run through a load.

The Bifilar pancake coils are well explained by Evostars over in his thread, It has been my observation that winding them perfectly isn't necessary to get some fantastic results.

There are methods of causing a build up(or storing) of the fluid that do not require a battery except to create the initial charge separation (though applying a battery to it can vastly increase the effect), chromium is a very useful metal.

My question is have you worked on anything else you would be willing to share?

Have I worked on anything else?
My work was always focused on Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter and within that mainly on the energy source aspect, not so much the transmitter part (which is the part that Eric is mostly interested in). I have looked at the works and claims of many others but I had to keep my focus.
At two occasions during my project I thought that it would be possible to downscale the magnifying part of the TMT. The first time it turned out that the gains were insignificant if at all, the second time I worked something out that may actually work but I have found it very difficult to build. I am still in the process of trying to get it to work. The difficult part is a QCW as outlined in this website.
At some point I would like to make this a community effort. But as long as I can not build it myself it will be hard to tell others how to do this
I have good hope that it can be done, though.

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