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crop reduction-failure

I agree with all you have said. ken Wheeler has videos you can watch where he used magnetic arrangements to enhance seed germination and plant growth. Increasing food production on less acreage may become mandatory given that farmers have sprayed roundup on thousands of acres of cropland in the Midwest farm belt. Growing GMO crops that can survive the effects of roundup. how much roundup is the absorbed into these GMO crops? Roundup is a known carcinogen. Also with the adverse weather we have been experiencing, it may require we grow most of our food in a small greenhouse. I only grow heirloom plants and save the seeds for next years planting, or I buy heirloom seeds from a reputable supplier. Electro-culture seems to be the way into the future. Also it is possible to grow clorella algae in an aquarium, for those living in apartments or small spaces. And you can also grow plants in a grow box on a window sill or patio. Lower crop production or crop failure will cause food prices to skyrocket. These simple solution may be the way to offset the rising costs. Good Luck. stealth
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