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it's not all bad news

Gambeir, all that you say is true. But, there are other facets that the PTB haven't fully taken in to account. Here are a few headlines.
China bans 23m from buying travel tickets as part of 'social credit ...
China says 13,000 Xinjiang 'terrorists' arrested since 2014 - AP News

I suspect that the PTB will take repression too far. It's more advanced in China. A worldwide lockdown of all dissension would create more problems than it would solve.
As far as weapons, 3/21 Rebellion: Second Amendment sanctuary cities, counties, spring up Organic Prepper
Missouri Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Make AR-15 Ownership Mandatory

They are trying to disarm us piece by piece. "Congress has the power to make criminal ONLY four types of conduct: treason, counterfeiting, piracies and felonies on the high seas, and offenses against the laws of nations. "
"Emergency powers legislation prohibiting government officials from restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners during declared states of emergency has already been enacted into law this year in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma. "
Devvy Kidd -- Pro Second Amendment Incumbents & Gun Raids
So, there is some good news.

Another place to read is "Ice age Farmer' and "crop" The shift in the magnetosphere is cutting back on food production. ALL bets are off when people are hungry. The last thing that the State wants do is; face a mob of people who have nothing to lose.
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