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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
very detailed and is so long...
that is going to take me days to finish
Well I've been through the video once. Feel free to correct my ignorance, but the gist seems to describe it as being somewhat like the electrostatic forces which are involved in tornado's; with a core product of a negative ion vortex surrounded by a positively charged outer and upwards spiraling vortex. The evident difference being that the primary plate becomes a negatively charged superconductor, aluminum being superconductive capable, and producing a repulsion type of drive. That fits the Wheeler model of there being only two forms of antigravity; one being repulsive, and the other being a kind of false mass. At any rate, I don't think it's possible to actually understand why this happens without having this understanding of counter-space and magnetism as one and the same, whereas the Volfson contraption is perhaps accomplishing the same thing, sort of, but by a vastly more complex system.

So I think it's helpful because he seems to have defined the type of vehicle it would be, which had me bamboozled, and so I appreciated the insight given. This may be useful too in looking at the ARV itself and that center disk. The puzzle is now seeming to have pieces which at least look like they might fit together even if we still don't have them properly fitted together.

However, I'm mostly interested right now in a propulsion tube and here again I refer people to this thread.
How can you make a Magnetic Gas?

Specifically to this post by Dr. Poppy.

The Answers are right here;
"Oxygen is a magnetic atom (polarized) and is just like a magnet. O1 being magnetic bonds to another O1 atom to form O2. This unfortunately is like connecting two bar magnets which completes the magnetic path and the magnetic field is confined and weaker outside that path.

An electrostatic discharge under the right conditions will cleave the atoms apart momentarily and produce a magnetic field. A laser can also be used. It is important to place the gas under a vacuum which produces acceleration and multipacitor effect which is electron cascade."

OK, so what do you do when you don't have "LASERS" ....oh, let's see....humm....maybe you would make a cascading electromagnetic solenoid? We have to keep in mind that the ARV is a very primitive machine. One which in theory we should be able to make in a garage with tools from Harbor Freight. Seriously, I mean that, and BTW I love Harbor Freight. I got to think about this a little more but off hand we need a vacuum tube, with another inner tube, so that the inner tube cycles the material, going in one end out the other, flowing around the outside of the inner tube. This is virtually a precise description of the drive given to the poor unsuspecting Britisher in South Africa in 1950. I wish I knew if this Ufonaut had a German accent because I swear to God the dialogue sounds like it came out of the mouth of von Braun.
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