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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
That is a great vid on the earth changes.
Here are a few notes on those who aren't acceptable to the ruling class.
The Blaze, Jewish Dem asked Reps. Omar and Tlaib to affirm Israel's right to exist.
The Blaze, Ilhan Omar is so controversial, Democrats already want to get rid of her
The Daily caller, There’s Enough Evidence to Open a Criminal Investigation Into Ocasio-Cortez
Sputnik, Ocasio-Cortez Removed from Justice Democrats PAC - Reports
Thanks, they do a compilation every month on Earth Changes.

Yea she's a wack job alright. Dr. Joseph Farrell recently said in an interview to look in to her eye's, because those are the eye's of a fanatic, and I quite agree. Nothing is more dangerous than a fanatic.

I've been thinking about the Democratic Party and its' march to suicide, and I can say that because I'm a very liberal person, meaning that I'm for the most liberty possible under the law. Which in my book translates to the least government necessary, the fewest laws possible, a requirement for trial by your peers instead of a stamped sentence like factory made defective product; a ready made conviction. Those people who forward more and more laws are your worst enemy.

As Cicero said 2,000 years ago; “The more laws, the less justice.”

It's probably important to remember the words of Franklin Roosevelt, who said that if anything happens you can count on it being planned to happen that way. The implosion of the Democratic Party is designed. It's being made to happen, and the way it's being made to happen is by the time tested and proven method of controlling the body politic, because these people are largely supported from the grass roots of government and groomed to become a willing tool at higher levels. Now maybe a nut case comes along who is just ripe for the picking and so opportunity presents itself.

If you look at what has been taking place politically and juxtapose it against history, which should always be your first guide, then what emerges is a picture of an evolving creeping coup d'état, a putch of the political oppositon, and that's not in the interest of anyone in these here Untied States of America. We need a loyal opposition, if opposition there must be, what we absolutely do not want is completely free hand of a single party system of any kind.

We are at the cross roads of an extremely dangerous time in American History. It has been engineered and anyone who doesn't think so is an idiot. The collapse of the Democratic Party, which I think is almost a foregone conclusion, brings us to a dangerous epoch of unrestricted corporatism, and whose dreams of supreme power are behind the source of the corruption. You can verify the invasion of quasi-military teams being placed inside of the military system today: The information is out there. It's fairly clear in my opinion that the government is virtually a de-facto extension proxy tool right now. There is no way that the laws passed already will be repealed. They are being established now for use later. Everything that is done is a designed trap. That's the basic bottom line.

Now the thing to keep in mind that Roosevelt warned us about was this planning business, and everything this corporate cabal does is planned to maximize their grip on power, and in this we have these mass shootings and the crazed lunatic leftists working for this cabal, knowingly or not, whom are actively working to disarm the population. This is always a requirement for totalitarianism.
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