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Distortions eevrywhere,,, the CBs are stuck with "control P"

The Philips Curve is an equation that was previously relied on for economic forecasting.

Economics Help
The Phillips curve is an economic concept developed by A. W. Phillips stating that inflation and unemployment have a stable and inverse relationship. The theory claims that with economic growth comes inflation, which in turn should lead to more jobs and less unemployment"
Now, there is general agreement that the Philips Curve is no longer accurate or applicable.
Unemployment is touted as 3.8% even though there are 96 million of working age who are not in the labor force. I suspect that the Philip's Curve has been highly distorted by automation and lies.

An inverted yield curve is the interest rate environment in which long-term debt instruments have a lower yield than short-term debt instruments.
A yield curve inversion shows that investors lack confidence in the near future.
Most interest rates are all referenced to the 10 year treasury note. Since the FED GOV is printing to buy Treasury bonds, you can bet that any reference to the 10 year note and any inversions is based on bogus information.
3/20 10-year Treasury yield dives to the lowest in a year – CNBC
Just the same, investors are completely focused on these inversions.

Powell raised interest rates and caused a worldwide coronary infarction. Trump definitely wants a weak dollar and, Powell was going the opposite direction. After the markets cratered, Powell changed his mind. He didn't want the blame for setting off a meltdown.
3/21 “Fed returns to the punchbowl”: the biggest surprises in today’s Fed decision – ZH
3/21 Dollar slammed by dovish Fed; pound remains weak – CNBC
It is now painfully clear that fresh money printing is the only thing that is keeping markets alive. So, why did Powell raise rates?
3/21 Banks sink the most in 2 months, bearing the brunt of Fed’s dovish turn – Bloomberg
The banks are toast without fresh blood.
Not to mention stocks.
3/20 S&P 500 turns positive after Fed forecasts no rate hikes this year – CNBC

You can see socialism in action without having to leave America. The Dems are completely irresponsible when it comes to buying votes with promises.

3/20 Abe describes BoJ’s inflation goal as means to spur growth – Reuters
Their population is falling and their foreign markets are shrinking but, growth will come back if they just give the banks enough money.
3/20 Canada sees 20 percent jump in bond issuance as deficit climbs – Reuters
So, the future little canucks will get to pay this off.
3/20 Most people want higher taxes on rich to support poor – OECD – Guardian
Sorry, this just isn't the answer.
3/20 “Today’s EU is the embodiment of bureaucratic hubris” – Claudio Grass
A jobs program for useless paper-pushers.

3/21 Italy: bus driver abducts 51 children, sets vehicle on fire – AP
Is it any surprise that he is from Senegal?
3/19 Consistency: the success of the Cayman Islands – SWP
Super Rich Hide $21 Trillion Offshore, Study Says - Forbes

Another interesting development,
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