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China crash before U.S. crash

Much of the liquidity flowing into American markets came from China. Trump wants to end globalism and, that means decoup0ling from China.
US and China: From Co-Evolution to Decoupling | YaleGlobal Online
. Trump doesn't particularly want a trade agreement with China, He just wants them to crash. They are extremely vulnerable in the event of big job losses. Everything was previously focused on an export economy. They took the jobs of their best customers and, that model is broken. They planned to switch to a domestic consumption model. That didn't work because they couldn't raise wages.
Currently, they ( and the West print money to keep zombie employees working in zombie companies. It's not working out too well for them.

China is now locked in a battle; economic growth or political authority. Somebody is going to get the shaft. Trump is shoving the collapse ahead.

3/19 China’s banks have a hidden wave of bad debt – Bloomberg
3/20 Chinese companies defaulting at an ‘unprecedented’ level – CNBC

3/20 FedEx just warned the whole globe is slowing – CNBC
3/19 The bloodbath in U.S. shale stocks continues: worst is yet to come – SRSrocco Report
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