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what is the goal?

the discussion from you guys really is a hot one, but what exactly is the goal?.. is it not to make progress?.. and determine the truth?..

12 strands of #23 wire Wound parallel and connected in series.. 2 sets? 3 sets?.

2800+++ rpm multiplied by how many magnets on the rotor?..
you can get the frequency by those variables.

coil bobbin?.. Iron Core?..

don't like tinkering?.. and don't like turion's build?..

coil's inductance can be measured and calculated.

if you have a pre-determined rpm and a defined rotors with magnets, you can define a working frequency.

you can easily get the value of the capacitor needed for the resonant point of that coil via L C or R L C.

I really think that shouldn't be a problem to someone who have a very broad experience with motors and generators.

I do believe the Idea has been laid out.

If you really think Turion is wrong about his measurements, and if you really are sincere about this you should build it and prove him wrong.

like tesla to hertz.
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