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you don't get it

Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Not that I care, or expect an answer from you, let alone a reasonable explanation, but the deal had always been:

Run at no-load. ( ie. Generator coil(s) open circuit, or zero coil current)

Measure speed (RPM)

Put load on generator coil(s) causing current in the coil(s)

Notice speed increase (higher RPM)

So now you say that the generator coil(s) produce less when loaded and the RPM increases. Less than zero?

What do you mean "now" he says that - that is all he has said and he has said that many times.

No load best results and if speeding it up, will unload the motor even more but generator coil output goes down. Makes perfect sense and indicates that you have been arguing with him in the 3 battery thread but have not comprehended a word he has said - or just don't care and want to continue to make it look like what he says doesn't make sense even though you just don't get it.

Do you consider a short circuited generator coil to be a load? There is obviously current in the coil and it creates a counter opposing magnetic field - a perfect demonstration of Lenz's Law.
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