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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I mention size of rotor as a variable ONLY because it can determine how many magnets of a specific size will be able to pass the coil. So in a sense, it IS a variable.

Here is one of my video's showing a single coil speeding up the 10"
rotor (a 9"would be different) going from 209watt drive input down
to 166watt drive input. We will ignore the coil output power for now
and focus on this reduction. 43 watts is what I saved for producing
power out of my coil. Each time I add another coil the rotor goes
a little faster, I save drive power and gen coil output is additive.

Go figure. All of this without using magnetic cancellation. I am unable
to do dyno testing and probably don't have the best meters or scope
and I sure don't remember all of the old farts in the history books with
their respective positions/tittles/effect.

The misinterpretation and spin of these effect given by the inventor
or scientist were always used to further Morgan's business model.
Can't be done is that model, well not without their okay.

Time to ignore them all. Look here.

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