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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I mention size of rotor as a variable ONLY because it can determine how many magnets of a specific size will be able to pass the coil. So in a sense, it IS a variable.

And if you cannot accept that neutralization and speed up under load are possible, how will you possibly accept the results when I eventually show them and not accuse me of FRAUD again? 1 plus 2 equals 3. If you do not believe 1 or 2 exist, how can 3 exist?
1 = speed-up under load (as you call it)

2 = magnetic neutralization (as you call it)

3 = the issue ( your generator claim regarding input and output power)

I never disputed your statements concerning that you achieved 1 and 2. I accept that you may have done those things.

But not #3. 1 and 2 have nothing to do with 3. You may think that they do, but there is no significant influence between the generator performance and items 1 and 2, just like there is no net effect on generator performance from cogging. We've been through this many times.

Read this.
Design and Testing of a Permanent Magnet
Axial Flux Wind Power Generator

Garrison F. Price, Todd D. Batzel, Mihai Comanescu, and Bruce A. Muller
Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College

It is a axial flux generator like yours. Do they deal with 1 or 2 or cogging? Where do 1 and 2 fit into their calculations or measurements?

I've said to you numerous times I don't care about 1 and 2 or cogging. And that still goes.

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