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If you want to leave, feel free to leave.

I gave nuts and bistander countless opportunities in the 3 battery thread to stop the disruption, off topic posts, insults, etc. and they both refused.

They want to make demands of other members, then it can be a two way street - they can see what it is like to have demands made of them, that's very fair and balanced.

As evidenced by nuts' refusal to address anything that was posted for the specific purpose of debunking all his claims that physics would be in "termoil" because of x, y and z - yet he was incapable of acknowledging how x, y and z existed and these are references even acknowledged by mainstream science. What little he even posted in response to the references was constantly condescending - and constantly ignoring me and posting to others while referring to me as if I'm not here. I don't have to put up with that.

Giving someone a chance to prove they're not a troll is not waffling. Nevertheless, you helped me make up my mind. iamnuts will not have any opportunity to come back in. Thanks.

He was very disrespectful many times to myself and others in the 3 battery thread, he kept posting things that were off topic about the large switches for massive DC power, etc. and when I asked how they're relevant, he becomes disrespectful and tells me in an extremely demeaning and condescending way that I have something to learn? That is not a "contributing clear headed" person at all and if you think that is clear-headed, maybe you need to look in the mirror because you have your glasses on backwards. Without you acknowledging any of those disrespectful posts by him to me and others, it seems you just stepped in here in the middle of a conversation and actually do not know the entire context. No - the amount of times he insulted me and others has been too numerous - he should have been banned a long time ago. Plus he kept posting irrelevant nonsense when I asked him to stop posting off topic posts - that is a slap in the face to ask him that and then have him give me the finger because he wants to do things his way??? I'm way too lenient and have received complaints about him wondering why he is still in the forum - same for bistander. The only thing I did wrong was not ban him sooner.

He owes me and other members an apology, not the other way around. Since when it is ok for the provocateur to victimize someone and suddenly, they are the victim? That is not ok cloxxki and I don't appreciate that you believe it is.

With the way he has conducted himself all those times and you have a problem with me even entertaining the possibility of letting him back in? There is something a bit off with that perspective.
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