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Bro Mikey,

Two questions:

Have YOU seen speed up under load work?

Have YOU seen magnetic neutralization work?

I know the answer to BOTH those questions is “yes” because you have posted video on your thread. So if both those principles are REAL, it is absolutely possible to build a generator that does exactly what I say it will. What more proof do you need than what you see on your OWN bench with your OWN meters? And why should I put up with being called a liar, a fraud, and a scam artist by bi, just because he is too lazy to build and test himself? I am not responsible for his success or failure in life. I have provided people with an opportunity to be successful. If they choose to ignore it that’s fine with me. Just don’t call me names because I won’t do the research FOR YOU. The very FIRST video Matt posted showed inputs and outputs and a gain in the system with only TWO coils and a stock motor driven by a 555 timer. Data. All the data necessary to prove this is real. Oh, and THAT machine still had magnetic drag which isn’t bad with only TWO coils, but will KILL you with four coils. That was ENOUGH for me to build a BIG one. Nobody else built ANYTHING. I built a much BIGGER machine that has FAR more output yet runs on basically the SAME input. It took a LONG time to figure out how to do that and cost me a LOT if money. Overcoming the attraction of the magnets to the iron cores is not something they teach you to do in “Generator Building 101”, but YOU know my method works.

So if adding coils doesn’t COST you anything (no cost in magnetic drag because that has been almost completely neutralized, and no cost when under load reflected back to the prime mover because of delayed Lenz) you can add as many coils as you want, as BIG as you want, and your output just goes up and up and up. What is so hard to understand about that?
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