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Originally Posted by Cloxxki View Post
Please feel free to ridicule and ultimately ban me .....

If you elect to ban me for daring to speak out to the supreme leader, these will be my famous last words.
Aaron has the duty to enforce the fairness rules of decent communication
between members. Where is your project? Why are you here? In other-
words if all you want to do is argue? That is not fair for those who are
offering hard data thru experimentation that costs thousands of
dollars to obtain.

The purpose of research. Calling out to one another like a howling
animal trapped in the woods is not. Disagree if you must and by all
mean back it up with something other than an opinion?

Now Bi and others, including myself have been upset with hot shot
Turion for not giving us all of us secrets on a silver platter. In the
beginning when NUTJOB starting insisting Turion cough up all his
proof I admit I kind of liked that, however calling out Liar, Liar
made me repent til I was nearly ashamed for entertaining such an

People have a right to selectively release their personal data without
the fear of repercussion. Aaron is highly respected at this forum for
doing his job keeping order.

NUTJOB (HEISNUTS) uses this handle that shows intent anyway. he
had an agenda. Nobody is banned for disagreeing so get off that
hobby horse. Feeling sorry for NUTJOB? Not me.

The other gentlemen (BI) did the right thing and I say hats off to any
man who humbles himself. NutJOB would not.
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