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Deeply disappointed

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
If nutcase wants to retract his condescending insults and admit what you have in a succinct way, without wiggling all over the place, I'll let him back in. He probably doesn't want back in anyway since there this forum has nothing to offer him since he already has it all figured out. He's banned so how can he respond? Not my problem but the offer is there. Maybe he can be unbanned for 1 day to give him the opportunity to do this. But his admission of the simple MIT study has to go further than yours since the intrinsic implications of the results are equal to his claims that physics would be in turmoil if such a thing could exist, which of course is pure nonsense. In any case, I'm open.
Please feel free to ridicule and ultimately ban me as well if that's the way you intend to rule your forum. Take my other cheek now that you've taken the opportunity away from IamNuts.

You've been schooled on very primal misconceptions and outright errors. You even got your units wrong. Seems you never even considered to be in the wrong, which is perhaps the more elemental error in science.

You go out of your way to insult a contributing clear-headed member and accuse them of all the things you are doing to a much greater degree, over honest or dishonest lapses of knowledge or reason. It's fair game for you to insult but when your waffling is addressed, that's a ban? The psychology faculty library in my town has an aisle devoted to that.

I've seen some mess online before, things can get heated, I know. I've seen inflated egos, people with authority issues and power abuse on any scale. Your conduct rarely impressed me when I was here more frequently, being one of the reasons I've stayed away. This time you surprise me. I sincerely hope there are no tragic personal developments at the foundation of your conduct.

This is no way to treat any person, not even if they are wrong and misbehaving. Insult have not place, period.
Let alone in this case where you seem to have it terribly wrong. Scientifically and especially ethically.

I'd like to make my stance and encourage you to apologize for all your misconduct above. Don't make me spell it all out for you, I bet you know what you did unless you have a legitimate personality disorder to excuse yourself for.
If you don't want to look into the mirror, by all means focus your wrath on my persona in stead and spare those who are able to contribute scientifically. I'll be your martyr, please don't let your personality and insecurities prevent your forum to contribute to the betterment of humanity.

All the best to you and your readership, should they decide to stay.

If you elect to ban me for daring to speak out to the supreme leader, these will be my famous last words.
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