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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
O.K. Aaron, the LED in the MIT produced light power of 233% times the electrical input power supplied to the LED. I can accept that result. I never said differently. I believe the power or energy difference between the measured output and electric input power came from the environment.

If nutcase wants to retract his condescending insults and admit what you have in a succinct way, without wiggling all over the place, I'll let him back in. He probably doesn't want back in anyway since there this forum has nothing to offer him since he already has it all figured out. He's banned so how can he respond? Not my problem but the offer is there. Maybe he can be unbanned for 1 day to give him the opportunity to do this. But his admission of the simple MIT study has to go further than yours since the intrinsic implications of the results are equal to his claims that physics would be in turmoil if such a thing could exist, which of course is pure nonsense. In any case, I'm open.
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