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classical nitwit science

Originally Posted by bistander View Post
If you look at the conservation laws in my link, you'll see they do not conflict with your dissipative structures. But I'm sure the generator will abide by those conservation laws. Other systems; I recognize may fall outside the conditions stated in the conservation laws.

And the study and expansion of fundamentals in physics does not invalidate all preceding work. Newton's laws still work well enough to get a craft to rendezvous with furthest objects in the solar system or calculate the trajectory of projectiles.



Conservation is a mythical concept that doesn't apply to any energy system in the world. It is ignorance to the supreme degree. Work done is always dissipated to the environment and if the system is open and cyclic, the work done goes to creating a new potential difference that allows new source potential to energy to do more work. There is no such thing as transforming energy from one form to another.

There is no conservation in conventional or low to no drag generators. What you're sure of is a religious belief, not science.

A flashlight is the quintessential "closed" electric circuit. You turn it on and the dipole moves towards equilibrium until the light goes off. It is ONLY a closed system for one purpose and one purpose only - it is considered closed because the flashlight is not designed to make use of any environmental input and that is it. However, that flashlight circuit is open to heat, gravity, light, sound, space/aether, etc. but it has no mechanism to turn any of that into free environmental input - that is the only reason it is to be considered a closed system. The practical/casual use of "closed" does not mean it is a truly closed system.

What thermodynamics apply to the flashlight? Non-equilibrium thermodynamics because regardless of the practical use of open or closed to describe it - the true energetic reality is that of an open system. Throw that flashlight into 1 foot of fresh fallen snow and see how fast that light goes out. If it was a closed system as far as the physics is concerned, the light would stay on as long as it would at room temperature or at above the boiling point of water. This is an indisputable example that the "closed" electrical circuit has free interchange with its environment. EVERY "closed" system has free interchange with its environment as well - not just this one example.

Open system non-equilibrium thermodynamics DOES invalidate classical thermodynamics because it invalidates its entire use as being the end-all, be-all explanation of how a system cannot have move output than input. And, that is the nonsense that cynical nitwits keep spewing about the entire world of free energy not even knowing that the thermodynamics they keep pointing to have no application to non-equilibrium free energy machines!
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