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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
... How many people have YOU assisted in this search for truth? ...
Actually I try to assist everyone in search for truth. That was certainly the case when I reached out to you via PM.

Originally Posted by bistander
Hi Turion,

Thanks. This sounds very much like what I've read in your posts for the past two years. It is basically story telling, meaning subjective. To impress the technical savvy you need verifiable test data showing inputs and outputs.

Statements like recover 80-85% of what goes through the load and COP of 22 are enough to turn any rational examiner off. Stick with a simple device or system. Define it. Quantify inputs. Quantify outputs. Show that and we have something to talk about.

If your system includes energy storage, then it must be at the same state of charge at the beginning and end of the test. The only way to do that with batteries is at zero or full charge. Any partial SOC is a crap shoot to quantify the contained energy. This is why I've not paid any attention to these battery schemes which frequent this forum. That and the fact that I've used and tested thousands of batteries over the decades. I'm more interested in the electromagnetic machinery.

I hope my comments are helpful. That's my intent. I will try to help more where I can. It may be beneficial for you to follow Ufo's thread from post #2448 on.
Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera

BTW, I wish BM would just go away.


And here.

Originally Posted by bistander
Dave, may I call you Dave?,

if I have just six strands, I can put four in series to increase voltage and leave the other two in parallel to increase the amps. Mix and match to get the most desirable output up to the limit of what the coil is capable of producing.
I noticed this. It is incorrect. The series (S) and parallel (P) connections are similar to cell connections in a battery. For 6 wires your options are:

6S1P for 6 x V and 1 x I,

3S2P for 3 x V and 2 x I,

2S3P for 2 x V and 3 x I,

1S6P for 1 x V and 6 x I.

4S2P isn't an option which fully utilizes all the copper. It amounts to 5 x S and 1 x I.

You're welcome to use this info any way you want.


You were receptive to my help back about a year or two ago. You even told me privately about that item you had tested. I left it be saying we'd discuss it when you were ready to go public. I figured you'd include your data (proof) at that time. Like I spoke of in the first PM above. So not long after, on citfta's thread you publicly disclosed it. I asked to see the proof or data. Things went down hill from there. You wrote volumes to avoid the one thing I asked. At first, I thought you sincerely believed what you were saying. But after repeated explaintion and references by me showing the errors in your logic, I did come to the conclusions that you quoted in blue. It's possible I'm wrong about you, but I am not wrong about the science.

Is it a lie if the teller really believes it is true? Regardless of what the teller believes, the listener still receives a falsehood or untruth. That's what I was dealing with attempting to get to the bottom of an obvious dubious account.

Just trying to help you find truth.


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