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Population reductine in many costumes

Mikey, dunno, It's too mystical and complex for me. I watched the vid. One thing mentioned was ; Greenspan said that the creation of the FED was a disaster. All the jewish FED heads agreed that we needed 2% price inflation. It generally took them 6% currency inflation to accomplish the 2%. FED head, Paul Volker, a Presbyterian, said that the 2% thing was just BS,
Everything that I read points directly or indirectly towards population reduction. Whether it's the credit bubble or MGTOW or sugar or Bisphenol in the water supply or overuse of antibiotics or vaccination or endocrine disruptors everywhere, etc. National Geographic has a vid" Spermageddon" about how sperm count has been reduced by 50%
I also believe that these efforts at depopulation will be successful. Combine this stuff with global cooling, the pole flip and the weakening of the magnetosphere.
Check "ice age Farmer" and "crop"
Suspicious Observers has presented a lot of research claiming that Sol has a periodic mini-nova. Read, Mitch Batros,,,, Killshotby Ed Dames. Catastrophe cycle at Suspicious observers. The latest Chinese exploration of the far side of the moon seemed rather pointless.
The Chinese discovered that the moon had been deep fried in the past. The projected date for the next deep fry is 2046 but, it is currently anybody's guess. The climate extremes will get worse and th pension system will crash. It's going to be tough times.

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