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Dealing with complex issues requires simplified outlines in order to later assemble the puzzle in to a complete picture. As a result a simplified explanation for gravity, but fundamentally correct explanation, is that gravity is simply incoherent magnetism; with every molecule having a magnetic field and being mutually attracted by other disorganized incoherent magnetic fields: In my opinion this is now conclusive. Einsteinian ideas about gravity are not completely void, but are not primary causation's: Again, my opinion.

The real question, because it's not just in materials which we can create magnets out of, but most all other matter has a magnetic field as well, is what produces magnetism and hence electrical energy in matter which isn't naturally magnetic: Which implies that something passes through matter which fundamentally powers it by creating magnetic fields/electrical fields.

This understanding (or point of view if you prefer) takes us back to the work of Henry Stevens concise explanation of the historical idea where gravity was induced by an outside force or pressure; what Steinmetz called counterspace, Tesla called radiant energy, and what today is called the quantum vacuum. Structure of the Schappeller Device

Fundamentally speaking, I would think that helium inside a vacuum would be expected to produce a gateway to the counter-spacial field. The quantum field as we know it today, and the so-called guest phono's that are referred to in the Volfson version of reality.

The counter-spacial energy field is incoherent energy, which seems to be suspended in a vacuum, and in it exists a gas which can behave as a superfluid in liquid state. So now you have helium in a vacuum and we now know the little known fact that helium can become magnetic as well.

What I think is that the use of helium applied to a vacuum produces a kind of Solitron; which enables the creation of a link to counterspace's dielectric field. That field has no relative time or speed frame that we can relate to. This is where instantaneous action takes place as it does in the magnetic field. This infers that there is an unknown and probably unidentified transport mechanism involved if this conjecture is correct and it would mean that, if correct, superluminal transport is a given.
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