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Took a look

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

What's that on page 6?[/FONT]
"Furthermore, the generated tension (Volt) is not affected by the amount of current(Ampere) which is drained from the generator, contrary to any other power source, and the power generation process is not reflected back to the prime mover as an additional work load."
I took a closer look into the reference. Here is the sentence prior to the one you quote. "Since the electrical energy produced by the homopolar generator is a pure direct current (DC) such as with a battery, the power is constant and always optimum."

So looking at a wider context and considering the two words which I highlighted in green, one sees it is a special situation of constant power and therefore no additional work load is reflected back to the prime mover. But the prime mover is supplying the base work load.

It is a strange statement in my opinion. But the rest of that paper and others I find all refer to generator torque. Just at the top of page 8 in the same paper: "Whereas the homopolar motor converts electrical energy (supplied by the cell) into mechanical energy, the homopolar generator does the reverse: providing mechanical energy to turn the disk and obtain an electromagnetic force (emf) and (if a current path exists) an electric current."


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