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1 - Newton's gravity.
Newton explained gravity from Earthly point of view
( as a boy playing on the beach of an ocean)
Newton explained gravity as interaction between two bodies
in the flat Solar system.
( no curved, no distorted, no bent or warped space )
2 - Einstein's gravity.
Einstein explained gravity from Cosmic point of view
( as a boy flying at speed of light )
Einstein explained gravity when there is only one single body (gravity-masses)
These gravity-masses (of Sun) distorted the flat continuum of the Universe
only in Its very small , local region
The local space around Sun's gravity-masses is changed / warped.
Not the all flat continuum of the Universe was curved, only a small,
local region was changed around the Sun.
3 - What is caused the light / photon to change their straight way
in the Universe: the gravity-masses or the warm / hot atmosphere
temperature around Sun ?
( the cold light / photons automatically flow in the warm / hot region,
like a cold air enters in your warm room when window is opened)
4 - It is very possible that light / photons change their way by sum
of two factors ( the hot temperature + gravity-masses ) and this
one factor ( the hot temperature of accelerated gravity-masses )
keeps a gravity-Sun be our ''living-Sun''
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