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Don't bother discussing Faraday without discussing the Faraday Disc generator that violates everything you believe - read this published paper from Princeton since you believe the academic world is an authority - it's shameful to be selective of what part of Faraday you want to mention while discarding what doesn't serve your narrative.

What's that on page 6?

"Furthermore, the generated tension (Volt) is not affected by the amount of current(Ampere) which is drained from the generator, contrary to any other power source, and the power generation process is not reflected back to the prime mover as an additional work load."

That is a violation of your coveted and misunderstood Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, which doesn't apply to electricity anyway and there is NO LENZ'S LAW. While drawing a load from the Faraday Disc generator - there is ZERO back torque going back to the prime mover.

Some have claimed they measure back torque between 10-20% of what is "supposed to be there" but even if it is as high as 20%, it would still be a reduction of 80% of the drag - again, in complete violation of everything you are claiming.

This is the case with Bruce DePalma's N-Machine variation, Adam Trombly's closed magnetic path version and this is the case with Tewari's Space Power Generator version. That is also the case with my world's record highest voltage output N Machine.

All of these are generators that have no drag - the prime mover doesn't even know when a load is being drawn from the generator.

I mentioned the homopolar generator in response to your posts in Dave's thread and you ignored it. Why? Because it doesn't jive with your claims or belief system. I did mention the Evasion of the Essential - it's very strong with you for some reason.

That is but one of many low to no drag generator concepts. Without even mentioning a single other low to no drag generator such as Dave's or any other, the very existence of the Faraday Disc Generator defeats everything you have argued since your argument denies the possibility of its very existence. The only one who has dug themselves a hole is you.

Drag free generator and the scientific world is not up in turmoil over it while it violates your equal and opposite nonsense and it does not have the same associated Lenz effect.

Also, you bring up Faraday and you admit you don't even know what dielectric lines of force are!! The hole gets deeper for you.

bistander mentions dielectric material that is an "insulator".

Actually, conductors and insulators could switch names and it would more accurately describe their function. Conductors REFLECT - that is why 1/11 trillionths or so of the electromotive force moving over the wire actually penetrates the copper to get the electrons to move in the opposite direction. Virtually all of it for all practical purposes is REFLECTED - not conducted. And insulators such as dielectric materials don't insulate, they STORE and soak up dielectricity.

Aaron Murakami

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