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Consent and legitimacy

I found a comment that is very basic and profound. I will copy it in it's entirety.

Bravo Robert! Awesome.
Always considered Andrew Codevilla’s “The Ruling Class And The Perils of Revolution” as the preeminent benchmark. It still holds up in many important ways. But your work here is the preeminent essay now. You moved forward in time right to the threshold of whats looking to be the pivotal moment of the last 2000 years. Defined its details and dynamics succinctly and brilliantly. What happens will determine the shape of the western hemisphere for centuries.
Really appreciate you for defining in wonderfully present, descriptive terms the forces of evil arrayed against Liberty, our 2000 years of Christian Greco/Roman culture manifest in we who are, and how we are going to remain Freemen regardless of, in spite of the statist-quo. Those gems are in there.

It wont be easy. But it is inevitable our great culture triumphs. I believe we are not so much witnessing the attempts to genocide the middle class, as we are experiencing the last desperate death throws of the sonofa*****es as any kind of political force it has enjoyed right up to now, as it becomes more irrelevant to the dirt people of the west. And I believe this is attributable to something unique in all human activity. Consent. And withdrawal of Consent. The most powerful weapon ever devised.
Let me put it this way from an outlier perspective: Power is power, no matter its form or who wields power over others. Yet there are only 3 kinds of power. The power to coerce. The power to hurt. And the power to stand up to the first two. #3 is a power unlike the first two. #3 is also a power of legitimacy thru & thru. It immense power, only the dirt people have. Most don’t even know they have this power. It is the power of legitimacy of the individual regards their innate natural born primal rights. Some say they are bestowed from God. I like to believe that, and take great comfort in its belief. Regardless, that power exists. There it is too, as proof, as ideas like writing down sanctions and codifying them in a governing document unlike any before it, most critically the declaration of independence from, secession from, usurpations of those natural rights. against usurpation of power, as we experience right now.
Put this way. The ruling elites, who are neither thank you very much, or what ever you can call them, they covet. Covet everything. And they are the most envious of humans. The innate hubris of this condition is contained in the two great sins, greed and envy. Has a familiar note to it yet? What do people with power over others want? More Power. More than that they covet a certain thing more than anything. Absolute Power. Us dirt people see this manifest itself in everything from the hateful person at the DMV window, to teachers indoctrinating our children in the most foul perverse obscenities imaginable, with the power to remain free from jurisprudence for their acts of assaulting the minds and spirits of our children. But two examples. What all these tyrants and usurpers fear is threat to their power, they will do anything to protect their rice bowls. And that applies all the way up the usurper food chain.
So they covet right? Not really big news. We all seen it, experienced. Are fed up with it. Have tolerated it enough where we are getting a craw full and are trying to come to terms with the alternatives necessary to deal effectively, and legitimately with what is facing us. Not an easy task. Thought the ultimate recourses and redress are stark, no bull**** methods, little is left to the imagination but the misery, blood, fecal matter, and stink and tribulation of revolutionary war.
Here’s what I’m getting at, and I think some how it is other than Prudence and also its lack, the issue of our times. Goes back to greed and envy, coveting. There is the dark side of humanity, and some darker than others, but the darkest of all is a jealousy, those with this envy are consumed by it, and it has another feature, like ****, it rolls down hill, it has a certain hive mind feature to it, the hive knows, it suspects, its leadership is leadership because the hive cues off it. Ultimate power. It is not where you might think this ultimate power. There is totalitarian power, raw naked power, power to hurt, but none are this special power which in the darkest part of the cold foul hearts of the “elites” and their ilk, covet.
It is the power of legitimacy. They are jealous and covet this power, but by their very nature they are prohibited to the end of all time from obtaining this legitimacy. They can not. They are not legitimate in their actions and activities of ruling over others no matter how petty their usurpation and power to hurt.

The other element in this legitimacy, is Consent. Consent is unique, but maybe for unconditional love. Consent is something that can only be given. It can not be taken. Even under force and coersion, one has to deiced to Consent, to something another wants them to consent to. The inverse is not true. Withdrawal of Consent is both an act and a default position. There is “tacit consent”, but no matter how you spin that, somewhere the tacit consent, even passive aggressively granted, still required the decision of its owner somewhere along the line.
But whats really important about Consent, is you can put a pistol to my head, tell me if I refuse my consent, you are gonna blow my brains out. I still have the choice. I still have to make the choice. And nobody but me can, and has the power to make that choice. Either way, I consent or not to your threat of demand, I still get to choose.
No tell me, is that not power? A power so legitimate, no other power can overpower? Take it up a notch. Lets say for sake of point, 1% of the population of America makes the choice to withdraw their Consent, pick up their rifles, their family and friends make the choice to support each other in all ways, and tell the “elites” to go to hell. We refuse to consent to you any longer. In fact we are going to shoot your sorry arses if you dont back down. And we are not taking no for an answer.
The power inherent in this act of legitimately refusing to consent to the usurpation of these “elites” power, and those who are their sycophants and useful dupes, is now manifest itself in a power to stick up for itself legitimately, rightfully, in defense.
And this power because it is absolutely legitimate like no other, what tyrant and usurper would not both fear it existentially, and covet it for themselves simultaneously. It is the tyrant’s dilemma. Besides, what self respecting tyrant or dicktator would not be hideously, consumed with jealousy, envy, and greed, to possess such a power?

So yeah. The sonsofa*****es they despise us, why they call us “A basket of Deplorable’s”. Why so much contempt for us the dirt people, the middle class. Because any halfwit tyrant knows who their true existential enemy is. Or they would not last long.
Imagine the innermost fear, the terrifying bowl watering terror, to watch before your eyes 64 million Deplorable’s stand up and say to you Because **** You Thats Why on November 8th 2016.

Nobody has that power. We are granted such power, legitimacy, because we are legitimate. Because we withdraw our Consent for legitimate reasons of defending our legitimacy in the first place. It is the clause in the contract.

We are the first people in all of history who had this Zeitgeist, this Paradigm, this sea change in thinking. And acting. Andrew Skousen called it The 5000 Year Leap. It was the greatest and only, successful revolution from tyranny in that history. And the bastard swore they would get us back for defying and beating them. They could not win the first time. They won only a symbolic ferric victory the second time, third if you throw in 1812, and they ain’t going to win #III either.
They are irrelevant now. We see so every day. Clowns in a stinky clown show. Sure they wield vast resources. Threaten earth shattering vengeance on all who defy them and their illegitimate power. But they are sneaky dirty cunning hateful worms. They have no dignity. They create nothing. They offer us nothing.

And we owe them nothing.
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