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Now Volfson called his creation a Phonon Maser that operated via a so called MgB2 toroidal disk cooper pair generator and particle separator.

Going back in our own thread to dielectric pathways; compare the Byron Brubaker's suggested improvements to the Joe Newman Glass Canister Dielectric Separator and then this to the Abductee's reports of the inside of UFO's of long clear tubes with winding and so on, and while remembering that counter-space is a dielectric energy field moving at millions of times the speed of light.

"Helium could become magnetic if a glass canister were to be filled with helium and the canister wrapped with an open path coil not connected to anything, nor to itself, resulting in a momentary voltage gradient appearing in the coil twice per revolution and each appearance possessing opposite orientation of polarity. This may induce one of each pair of helium electrons to flip its spin orientation "

See how the Newman device shares great similarity to the reports given by abductee's of the gut's of a UFO.
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