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Consumer debt,,, weakening stock markets

The END will most likely involve a cascade of default. Here are some numbers on consumer debt.
Consumer debt is at about $15 trillion.
Consumer Credit Storms Above $4 Trillion, As Credit Card Debt Hits Record High
Deadbeat Nation? 37 Million Credit Cards Were 90 Days Past Due In 4Q18
Household Net Worth Tumbles By $3.7 Trillion

3/08 US households see biggest decline in net worth since the financial crisis – CNBC
$1.56 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt
44.7 million Americans with student loan debt
11.5% of student loans are 90 days or more delinquent or are in default
Along with record debt comes record woes.

You already know that Amazon operates on a very thin margin.
France Hits Google, Amazon, Facebook with 3% Digital Tax
Now, Amazon is shafting it's retailers to get a bigger cut.

The private sector worker has been squeezed out of collective bargaining. The Non-productive sector is doing quite well.
Making A Fortune: 19 Million Public Employees Across America Cost Taxpayers Nearly $1 Trillion So, everybody except the actual productive worker has gotten poorer.

Armstrong said that American stock markets will rise because of foreign capital inflow.
3/08 Nobody believes this market: 2019 worst year for stock outflows since 2008 – ZH
3/08 Goldilocks is over: global stocks tumble on fresh growth fears, China crash – ZH
3/08 Stocks in Asia tumble; China leads losses after trade data disappoints – CNBC
3/08 Nomura warns the S&P is back in the “negative gamma” zone – ZH
3/08 Dow falls as weak jobs report stokes economic growth fears – CNBC

3/08 Dollar hits 52-week high on new ECB stimulus, as old stimulus fails to stimulate – WS
The monetary Viagra isn't working any more.
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