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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi John,

I haven't been able to study either document near as much as I intend. What I've read and see so far, neither negate conventional theory. In fact, Eric talks about iron filings and the magnetic lines of force. I've not studied Eric's stuff much, but I gather he is his own authority.

A lot of talk here on this forum about dielectric fields. To me, a dielectric is an electric insulator which can be polarized by an electric field. Electric fields or electric lines of force can arrange light wheat shaft along those lines. Lines of force in electric or magnetic fields just help us visualize that which is invisible yet interacts with charges, materials and other fields.

Just my opinions.

Bi you might look a with a wider angle, as you can associate the dielectric as an insulator at a greater magnitude. For example the Earth and Sky as plates, where that inbetween is an insulator a dielectric until there is a breakdown through that insulator and you have lightning. The Earth has capacity to store energy.

What Dollard said was interesting because he saw that both the Inductor and Capacitor store energy, but they were two different facets of manipulating the geometry of force lines of a field. It's kind of interesting, I don't necessarily swallow the whole enchilada but I can chew it for a while and see if I like it. I might not be capable of understanding, but the thing is keeping an open mind.

I am entertaining the notion that a transmitting coil can be plate, and a receiving coil can be a plate. Distance is the insulator, but you can still transfer power from one to the other. We are so limited in our understanding of the nothing between everything, and it might be mechanics of dimension that we see as the tip of the iceberg.
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