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The bistander thread

Hello all,

Aaron has asked me to start my own thread so I do so here. I'll post my opinions and comments here with links to the source material. Feel at ease to use this thread if you desire.



Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
You and iamnuts have until the end of next week to post a link to a linkedin profile, or something else showing your background in these matters because otherwise, you're both anonymous cowards shouting nonsense from the peanut gallery with your bullhorns - if you have one iota of confidence about the cynical drivel that you're so proudly ooze all over this thread, stop hiding behind a username. Deadline is March 16. The only exception is to start your own thread and post your nonsense there. You cannot state your point of what you want to see any more than you already have and no further post from either of you will add to that. 300 watts in and 2kw out? Not one more post will add to or emphasize that any more so post a new thread or leave.
Obviously I want to remain anonymous. I believe one should be judged by the content of their posts, not by reputation or popularity. Please respect this. As always, I encourage fact checking and research opposed to acceptance at face value.

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