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I want to refer people to the Newman Motor Finally Explained Thread. It has illustrations and information which I believe cross over to the ARV design.

Newman Motor Finally Explained?

This illustration is about so called "Cooper's Pairing" as created by Boris Volfson and explained in his patent, which I haven't found just yet, but it caused a big uproar back in 07 when established academic's attacked the patent and claimed that the patent office was being hoodwinked by false science. ...LOL....snort...

*notice how this works. I think it's a good clue as to how this was probably done in the ARV's central column. Like I said, I think I only have the ARV about half figured and the Newman Motor Thread brings in some explanations for the helium mystery. You may recall E.T. Power posting a video of Joe Newman talking about creating a helium balloon wound with copper wire and linked to a series of 9 volt batteries. An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle

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