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More of the same

China is rolling over badly. They can never get off the credit tiger.
3/04 China encourages ‘shadow’ lending to boost growth – CNBC
3/04 US and China in ‘final stages’ of trade deal talks – CNBC

Trump will blow them up no matter what.
For the last 150 years, we have worked hard to create labor-saving devices. We have had great success.
Charles Hug smith has all the numbers that you need to know.
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: What Killed the Middle Class?
The Baaken is producing more wastewarer than oil.
"But, that 35.4 million barrels of oil came at a much higher wastewater production cost. How much? How about 22% more wastewater, or 49 million barrels:"
Shale oil is crashing. They NEVER made a profit.

The December 2018 stock crash has been tough on pensions.
Julius Malema has evidently been smoking Fairy dust.
18 signs for the economy
The U.S. army just received a ransom of 50 tons of gold.
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