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Arrow Eric's Theory of Electricity Suggests a Revised, Atomic Model

It could be inferred that Eric Dollard has given us a revised atomic model when he says that electricity can be synthesized from three ingredients. And he's not kidding when he implies that time is not a fourth dimension just as he says that time doesn't have multiple dimensions greater than one. This atomic model is composed of time, the electro-motive force and the magneto-motive force – EMF and MMF. These two latter ingredients are commonly referred to as the electric and magnetic fields of a live wire and held in a combined state within the scope of electrical phenomenon as we know it.

But they can also be non-reactive to give the appearance that they can also become separated from each other which is impossible since each is the complete reversed image of each other while also being the denial of their opposite condition.

The aether is composed of two proto-atomic elements lighter than hydrogen as proposed by Mendeleev...

These two sub-atomic elements are the two forces, EMF and MMF, combined with time. They exhibit action without reaction.

When they exhibit reaction, then all three factors combine to become an atom and electricity materially manifested for us to measure.

But without reaction, they cannot interact of their own motivation. So, they sit quiescent and incapable of becoming anything without preexisting matter to contribute the ability for them to interact with themselves and matter. This is why this atomic model presupposes the existence of matter along with proto-matter and both created at the same time when the Creator materialized Creation. For each needs the other. Matter needs the aether for matter to exhibit energy (which is also known as change) and proto-matter needs matter to become something more than itself. Only matter can manipulate the aether. The aether is incapable – it is incapacitated – to manipulate itself. So, the aether did not bring matter into being. It simply helps matter bring more matter and energy into being while also making their dematerialization possible back into their quiescent state of aetheric existence.

Naturally, the aether's incapacity for action with its subsequent reaction makes it impossible for the aether to be anything other than a non-compressible gas in its uniform distribution of its two sub-atomic elements mentioned by Mendeleev.

Of course, action without reaction implies the impossibility of “spending” these two forces. They cannot be consumed. They can only be reused.

Thus, a live circuit – of any magnitude – has all it needs for infinite synthesis of electricity given enough time to accumulate it.

When Eric says that electricity can travel forwards in time, he's implying the situation – standard in our conventional thinking – that current and voltage possess zero degrees of separation between them. This encourages its dissipation (radiation) and is a centrifugal atomic motion of materialistic energy (atomic energy).

And when he says that electricity can travel backwards in time, he's implying the situation in which current and voltage are 180 degrees out of phase. This is centripetal atomic motion of materialistic energy which tends to accumulate since current will flow away from areas of low voltage and proceed toward areas of high voltage indicating negative resistance...

Negative impedance converter

The third condition is when current and voltage are 90 degrees out of phase. We already know this to be useless energy whose power factor is zero.

The fourth condition is when instantaneous annihilation occurs whenever centripetal meets up with centrifugal and anything atomically involved with this short engagement recedes back into the aether.

These four conditions are the only “four forces” which an honest physics should be admitting to. Not: gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces, for all these four are definable by proto-matter. Use your imagination. Brighter minds than I will flesh out this perspective into a wholesome view of reality. Eric has given us the clues to proceed forwards with a greater sanity.

Without building anything, simulators suggest all the observational data necessary to take Eric's theories and run with them provided the observer has the consciousness to proceed along these lines of reasoning. If it's not there in consciousness, then no amount of bickering can convince such a delinquent point of view to expand into a broader perspective.

Simulators don't lie. They are embodiments of our theories. But they do require our interpretation. This is where formal education lacks the vision to proceed into a world of abundant sharing for everyone.

To recapitulate...
EMF is the cause for MMF to manifest as a reaction to EMF whenever the materialization of energy is invoked.
MMF is the cause for EMF to manifest as a reaction to MMF whenever the materialization of energy is invoked. Eric says...
Each is the denial of the other. This is why the aether has no reaction to action. For as solitary individual forces, these two forces each deny the karmic consequence to the actions of themselves. Instead, they dump the reaction to the actions of each onto its opposite force whenever electricity is manifest in atomic matter heavier than themselves (beginning with hydrogen on the periodic chart and proceeding upwards).

Oddly enough, each of these two solitary forces (always bound to time, but lacking the capacity for reaction to take place within themselves) is the mirrored opposite of the other force. So, although they each deny the existence of the other force, they are one and the same force as seen from two opposing perspectives. Each of these two perspectives render their unique identities. Without these two perspectives, they would not appear to be any different from each other. This is the true dipole in Creation: ever present, eternal, indestructible and non-creatable.

If anything is consumable, it is time. For time consumes itself. We can't consume it. Time's union with these two forces, plus the mirrored opposition between them, is what makes the consumption of electricity possible as an illusion since nothing is lost when either force can flip into its opposite force and time will already be gradually lost to us regardless of whether or not we bother to consume anything.

Thanks, Eric, for giving me an opportunity to grow.

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