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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
so, a magnetic mono pole is an electric field...
and I would say the 2 are at 90 degrees to each other.
I think it is correct, but also remember this is a reinvent of a very well known idea.
Sorry for the delay, had a few computer problems, but mostly I just needed to take a time out. I know my brain will figure it out all by itself if I just let it do what it's supposed to instead of constantly trying to force it. Mainly I was passing along a thought. That being the machine is pre-solid state and so it's probably electromechanical. However, how exactly that would work I haven't deduced, or even if it's possible or necessary, but something to think about. I was reflecting on the inner spiral tubes of the central column while babbling. I think I now have about half of this worked out theoretically speaking.

The ARV uses a combined propulsion system consisting first of a closed cycle electromagneto drive as outlined by Oleg D. Jefimenko and as demonstrated by Ken Wheeler. This is the Central Column Tube which contains a gas or fluid that will produce the effective same results as shown in the magnet being dropped down a tube. Only of course we are forcing this to happen via an electrically powered series of magnets which provide the reaction by being set off in a repeating cascade. The speed of the cascade and the substance that reacts with the electromagnets together determine the reactive force.

At the bottom of the ARV are the Pie Shaped Quartz Plates. This is the secondary part of the propulsion system. Here I'm speculating based on what I now think I understand. Please keep that in mind. This is probably not right and will change as knowledge increases. Right now this is what I think is happening.

The magnetic and electric are transferred via wireless (*see big pit with wire's that the tube sits in) which is carried out wards. This energy is evidently aided in evacuation with the help of a large electromagnet which surrounds the exterior about half way up that forms the walkway where the crew compartment door is located. As the energy is passing through the so-called capacitor plates the quartz creates a gravitational mass.

*Note; so it's a flat earth right? Kind of interesting how that works huh?

In the ARV design most of what is understood is turned inside out. This is a little confusing how this works because according to theory the energies of space and counter space move towards the center. For this reason these plates and the way they interact with the column stymied me for a while. You would think that the energy has to move inwards and those pie shaped plates seem to strongly suggest that is what the design was intending, but after realizing how the central column worked I began to see how the reverse might be taking place.

The center is still there, but it's the electromagnetic center, and it is within the central column. The plates create the false mass. Which say's that the behavior of the quartz is such that when energies pass through it a gravitational mass weight is induced and that gravitational mass is variable because it's controllable by the energy and speed of the electromagneto propulsion system.

I know this is a little counter-intuitive but it makes sense in terms of explaining the reports about the scale and speed of this design. Wherein, supposedly the bigger they are, the faster they can travel, and so there appears to be some logic going on with the idea because Quartz (evidently) perturbs electromagnetic energy the most and can therefore create an artificial mass (false mass). We already know there's truth to this because it's long been known that area's rich in quartz are infamous for the unexplained including levitation of objects in so-called poltergeists.

Finally, when powered up and buttoned up for safety, the evacuated electromagnetic energy is pulled out of the bottom of the vehicle along the edges of the so-called capacitors with the assistance of an electromagnetic ring along the upper exterior and which rings the large aluminum disk forming the crew deck in the McCandlish Illustration. This aluminum disk and the location of the ring magnet is your big clue that more is going on than meets the eye because this says there is counter-space being taken back up to the core of the electro-magnet in the central column.

* Ever wonder why someone would name a project winterhaven?
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