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Past-peak economy rolling over

The corporation is anti family. How could it be otherwise?
S&P 500's Biggest Pension Plans Face $382 Billion Funding Gap

If the richest corporations care little for their employees, you can bet that they care even less for the health of families.

3/01 Fed’s Powell: ‘muted’ inflation gives room for wages to rise – Reuters
3/01 Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Tesla: 4,300 store closures already announced – CNBC

So, tell me more about supply & demand for labor.
3/02 Who reaps the gains (asset bubbles) and who eats the losses (stagnating wages) – CHS
How many guesses do i get?
3/02 GDP crash: Goldman, Atlanta & NY Feds see Q1 GDP tumble below 1% – ZH
Remember that GOV spending is counted towards GDP. GOV claims to spend about 24% of GDP. Money out the back door by means of the FED and ESF and PPT brings the total much higher.
3/02 Soaring Canadian insolvencies cripple local banks – Zero Hedge Get used to it.
3/01 “There’s no money” – has China’s shadow-debt reckoning finally arrived? – ZH
China has mad a few attempts to regain control of finance. They freak out when the see the result of just a small decline in GOV liquidity.
3/01 US personal income posts first drop in over three years – CNBC Big surprise.
3/01 1 in 5 corporations say China has stolen their IP in the last year – CNBC
Trump will run them through the wringer.
3/01 Chinese manufacturing shrinks for third straight month in February – CNBC
Like everybody else, they run the printing press at hyperspeed to keep employment going.
Brexit is getting close,
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