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Printing ever more.,,, China going DOWN

The above cited article slamming MMT is written by FED Governor Bill Dudley.
Ben Franklin, "We just print whatever amount of money is needed for the producing economy"
Of course, the FED prints whatever money is needed by the money renters. MMT would completely replace the FED bond market. All the people living off their portfolio have an income thinks to wet-ink money from the FED. 50% of the gains in the stock market are courtesy of the FED. In Europe, it is 100% due to the ECB. The monetary inflation flows directly into the pockets of the people who rent their money. There is NO STIMULUS for wage inflation.
There are a couple of very good charts on this page.
We are obviously reaching a peak. Balance sheet reduction at the FED was reported to be equivalent to a 1.5% increase in the interest rate.
2/20 Blain: it feels like a liquidity storm is coming soon – Zero Hedge
2/20 Fed to end balance sheet reduction by the end of the year, minutes say CNB
The FED is trying to free up some liquidity.

Dudley lambasts MMT but, wants to do QE on a regular basis. Tell me the difference

Because of technical constraints, the stock market is lined up for a 10% correction. EVERYBODY is betting that the FED will come through and pump up the markets.
The FED created quite a bump in the road in December. Reportedly, Powell got scared and backed off. What will happen this time?

"China has not shown much capacity for developing high technology on its own, but it has been quite effective at stealing such technology
Unfortunately for China, this growth by theft has run its course. The U.S. and its allies, such as Canada and the EU, are taking strict steps to limit further theft "
"China assumed it was “business as usual” as it had been during the Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama administrations. China assumed it could pay lip service to trading relations and continue down its path of unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property."
"China Large-Cap ETF (NYSE:FXI).

FXI peaked at $54.00 per share on Jan. 26, 2018, almost exactly on the day the trade wars began. The index has trended steadily downward from there to the current level of about $42.50 per share, a 21% decline with volatility along the way."
"March 1, 2019, is the deadline for the current “truce” in the trade war intended to facilitate negotiations. U.S. demands — especially in the area of verifiable limitations on the theft of U.S. intellectual property — are impossible for China to meet because it depends on such theft to advance its own economic ambitions."
"But the big issues including limits on U.S. investment in China, forced technology transfers to China and theft of intellectual property will not be resolved.

The best case is that the deadline will be extended and the trade talks will continue. The worst case is that the truce will fall apart and the U.S. will impose massive tariff increases on Chinese exports to the U.S. as planned."
Making China less great.
This is determined by the markets.

Apparently, lefties don't handle stress very well. It makes them crazy.

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