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Hi ilandtan,
Thanks for the update. I think i have the capacitor problem solved. I have given the wax away and looking at lucite. Easier to manage and not as messy. I have been getting biased results. I calculated that my temperatures were uneven, this was indeed the solution: now I am able to produce various poling outcomes.

I started looking at the third coil as an option. I can see this is likely not what Don was doing. I am thinking that he uses the Marx generator concept to get the voltage magnification he wanted. In fact quite an elegant solution!

I do try and understand what I am doing. It is not easy!! A lot of solutions have no written explanations, also, it is difficult to get measurements that are meaningful. They might be there, but seeing them is often difficult. To interpret, even more so. When one covers a lot of ground in a short space of time, it is easy to become overwhelmed and often miss the forest because of the tree's!


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