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Originally Posted by Armagdn03 View Post
Raui my old friend!!! Good to see you still around. I have not signed into that skype handle in years, not sure I still remember it. My personal email is, Ill work on getting skype back up. Thanks for the assist on the simulator.
Likewise! When I saw you post I thought I would get in touch! No problems, I see too many people using the Falstad simulator which is good for some things but really diverges from reality sometimes. I've sent you some mail

Yes you can alter the resistance of the simulated inductor by right clicking it, you'll see the options for the resistance in there. You can also just add a series resistor, I tend to do the latter when I want to play with an inductor's resistance as it's more explicit. I would never want to discourage experimentation (except for the chance someone would blow themselves up but alas, who I I to stop them! ) but I can see some obstacles getting it to work how you've described. I am open to being wrong and have been on many an occasion. I look forward to hearing how your experiment goes! The one question I will ask is this, is a resistor the best load for this type of circuit?

I recently met someone who is trying to assist another group they know of who apparently have a working prototype of a water heater similar but not exactly the same (from the limited idea I have of it) as your idea, idk how much was said in confidence but I do feel comfortable in pointing out that water is an excellent dielectric
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