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When I was a youngster the transfer resistor hadn't been developed into use
in consumer products.
Our wireless had to have two batteries, one high voltage and one low voltage.
For high, series dry cells were uesd of 90 - 120v.
The lowside was either large dry cells or accumulators in a glass jar. People would
probably take their accumulators to a local shop for charging.
Although I didn't see it I'll bet some of the cleverer sorts would use a couple
of low batteries to revive another one sufficiently to listen to the wartime news.
That could well be the original three battery idea.
Petrol was scarce and expensive so most tractors used distillate, this
wasn't the most easy thing to burn so a bit of a trick to get a fouled
sparkplug to fire was to wire a gap into the ht.lead with a pearl button.
I suppose the idea was to build up ahigher voltage, it did appear to have an
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