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Don't worry, Pelosi said that there will be NO shutdown

EVERYONE ignored Trump's campaign promise to get us out of Syria.
EVERYONE attacked him for actually demanding a pullout.
EVERYONE knew that he would have to walk back or abandon the pullout.
Trump ignored the brass and spooks. He talked to the commanders.
He told CENTCOM in no uncertain terms to GET OUT.

Trump shut down the FEDGOV over the wall impasse. After a period of "stress test", he opened GOV back up. He needed some time to fine tune the shutdown. The Dems were jubilant that they had forced him to eat their $hit. Meanwhile, Trump made some changes
to get money to certain parties. EBT cards were charged up ahead of time.
US Government On Brink Of Another Shutdown As Nothing Has Been Resolved On Trump's Wall
[B]Lawmakers Reach Agreement In Principle To Avoid Shutdown[ /B] Wanna bet ?
EVERYBODY knows that Trump will be forced to abandon his wall.

The spooks were especially hard hit by the shutdown.
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