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I don't know how to find it, but I remember a video that John did showing the 3 Battery setup with flashlight batteries and a resister between the positives. He started out talking about how he could get something more out of a single battery by using his keys to connect to the bottom of the battery a key and slap the top terminal with another key. He showed gains.

He also talked about farmers with low batteries on their tractors who would unhook one terminal and slap it with the terminal connector to make sparks that would raise the voltage to where they could start the tractor.

I heard it all from John for the first time. He talked about running a motor between the positives and charging the batteries. Also, he said that some engineers figured out that the motor as a load wasn't significant and replaced is with a light bulb. We have found that pulsed loads are significantly better, I like to run pulse chargers, pulse motors, boost converters, energizers, etc...anything that is not a constant load.

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