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Secret Rocket Exhaust in Disguise

I'm going to blow the whistle on this subject!

After Nikola Tesla patented the turbine/motor, pump/compressor in 21 different countries his next patent was the "fountain"

The fountain is a secret rocket exhaust in disguise!

FIG 1 & 2 are for water

FIG 3 & 4 are for air

Number 9 should be a Tesla pump with tear shaped exhaust ports.

It needs no motor as the driving force it the air leaving the turbine at speed.

The spiral path of the air leaving the pump is a giant volute as it goes round and round the conduit number 3.

I'f you've not read the patent, it's hilarious.

Tesla's sense of humour shines in this patent and his clear brilliance of hiding one of his most amazing bolt ons to the turbine.

Build a turbine and fountain and you have a very powerful propulsion device.

You have what this guy has but in reverse!!!!!

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