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Debt and wars

Most everything is in a state of flux because of developments in Venezuela and Iran. Chavez took over the oil fields from the oil majors and now, pox Americana is trying to privatise them again.
Meanwhile, the debt is still growing.
"According to the U.S. Treasury, the federal government is currently $21,933,491,166,604.77 in debt. In just a few days, that figure will cross the 22 trillion dollar mark. Over the last 10 years, we have added more than 11 trillion dollars to the national debt"
The Most Depressing Stat Of The Month: The U.S. National Debt Is About To Pass The $22 Trillion Mark | The Daily Sheeple

" According to TBAC calculations, America will need to sell an eye-popping $12tn of bonds in the coming decade"
Credit Bubble Bulletin : Weekly Commentary: Delusional
Obviously, QE has morphed into MMT with money being fed into all markets. Without constant transfusions, markets immediately freeze up. The FEDS plan to make MMT official policy of the FED. The FED has no army and no guns.
35 facts;
#1 Approximately one-fourth of the entire global prison population is in the United States.
#5 According to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, nearly 56,000 bridges in the United States are currently “structurally deficient”. What makes that number even more chilling is the fact that vehicles cross those bridges a total of 185 million times a day.
Maybe so BUT, we have great war machines.
#17 More than 2 million Americans work for Wal-Mart.

#18 Half of all American workers make less than $30,533 a year.
#24 If the U.S. health care system was a country, it would have the fifth largest GDP on the entire planet.

#26 Today, a million Americans are living in their RVS, and that number is rising with each passing year.
#33 Congestion on our highways costs Americans approximately 101 billion dollars a year in wasted fuel and time.
Yes, BUT, we have great war machines
#34 According to Bloomberg, it is being projected “that by 2025, shortfalls in infrastructure investment will subtract as much as $3.9 trillion from U.S. gross domestic product.”
Yes, but, we have great war machines.
List of tent cities in the United States - Wikipedia

2/10 Next recession: bearish signals show crisis is fast approaching – Business Insider
Michael Hudson has a very interesting article on Trump and dollar hegemony.
Through asset forfeiture, GOV has stolen over $ 2 billion of cash that people were carrying,,,, calling it profit from illegal operations. They are trying to drive us to a cashless society. The problem comes in that; if we aren't carrying cash, they can't charge our cash with a crime.
"The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (aka extortionists) and other agencies have portable card readers mounted on vehicles that can confiscate or freeze suspected drug-trafficking proceeds loaded onto prepaid cards."
"Of course, under civil asset forfeiture, they need not prove that anything is connected to drugs. They can claim you looked suspicious and take everything you have under the PRESUMPTION of guilt. "
"The Electronic Recovery and Access to Data devices on Oklahoma Highway Patrol cars are being used by a joint law enforcement drug interdiction team under the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office. The elimination of cash means that police can’t seize money, so they are adapting and grabbing your debit cards to download your funds."
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