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2020 elections and the inablity of the left & right to ever agree

I have another post that is fairly complex and takes quite a bit of reading.
Reportedly, 40% will always vote Dem regardless.
Reportedly. 40% will always vote Rep regardless.
To win an election fairly, a candidate must sway / convince a big part of the undecided,,, or cheat.
Obummer "won" everywhere that did not require photo ID and,,, lost everywhere that did require photo ID.
So, America got it's first homo president and his homo husband / tranny. This was all quite disgusting but, we shrugged our collective shoulders and, moved on.
When HRC lost, the left went absolutely BERSERK. When obummer was installed in the White House, NOBODY was screaming to the heavens that "he's not MY president".
The left is totally freaked out about the upcoming 2020 election. They are perfectly willing to destroy the entire tripartite system to block Trump.

The Atlantic is a bastion of Liberal everything. They recently reviewed new research that qualifies the difference. The researchers were totally taken by surprise by the results. You really should read the whole article.

The left is all pissed off because Washington night life has been screwed up.
They figure that Trump will eventually be gone and, things can return to normal.

Senate Committee Finds No Facts Suggesting Collusion Between Trump and Russia
House Dems Reopen Useless Russiagate Probe

So, what is really going on? Just what are they investigating? This article my provide an answer.

Unfortunately for us and world peace, JFK was killed before he could get rid of the CIA. The CIA, et al are focused on perpetuating war. Trump not only has the legislature against him, he also has the Pentagon and Intel against him.

Back to the Dems and the upcoming election. There are plenty of life-long dems like Kunstler who are disgusted with the actions of the Dems under HRC. The Dem party has become the party of WAR and big corporations. The Dems founded the KKK. A sizeable portion of the Dems has rejected the mainstream Dem platform and now, want JUSTICE.
Armstrong, " The Democrats will not break party rank and will refuse to comply with anything. The government never acted like this until Hillary lost. Neither side will accept the election in 2020. Western society will crumble by 2032. There is no going back. "
The 2020 election will bring all of this into the forefront. Trump will Ilkley win because the "justice Democrats" will split the party. The howls of rage will turn into destruction.
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