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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
How you start depends on what you are trying to do. With two fully charged batteries and a third battery fully charged your potential difference is going to remain constant for longer because it is harder to charge a fully charged battery. But you are also throwing power away trying to overcome the resistance in the fully charged battery and charge it. With a dead third battery the potential difference is high to begin with but that drops as the primaries lose charge and battery 3 charges. Both will teach you things, but until you add s boost module and a pulsing circuit of some kind, either mechanical like Matt’s motor or digital like an Arduino running a 555 timer, you will never see the real potential of this system.
Hello Dave,

Thank you for the input. I do agree you need to add the boost module and Matt's motor / pulse circuit. My goal for this test is to start with the most basic of setups. And when I say basic I am talking 3 battery's and a controlled load.

I am working on a PDF that has everything from the start of this over 10 years ago to the current builds. I felt like the best place to start this documentation was with the simple 3 battery swap and go from there.

I know it works however I have never fully documented it in great detail. So I have ordered another data logger and another DC load tester plus four new 7AH battery's.

I will post all of my tests and a link on dropbox to the pdf.

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