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3 Battery System

How you start depends on what you are trying to do. With two fully charged batteries and a third battery fully charged your potential difference is going to remain constant for longer because it is harder to charge a fully charged battery. But you are also throwing power away trying to overcome the resistance in the fully charged battery and charge it. With a dead third battery the potential difference is high to begin with but that drops as the primaries lose charge and battery 3 charges. Both will teach you things, but until you add a boost module to keep the voltage higher than the battery you are trying to charge and a pulsing circuit of some kind, either mechanical like Matt’s motor or digital like an Arduino running a 555 timer, you will never see the real potential of this system. The battery being charged MUST be hit with pulses of the CORRECT frequency at at least 2.5 volts over the battery standing voltage. I recommend about 16.5 volts which is a couple volts over what you want the 3rd battery to charge to.

I used to run FIVE six volt batteries on top and two on the bottom. Then I didn’t need a boost module and all I needed was a pulse motor and rotating batteries properly.
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