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Simple switching...very cool. Add a little solar.

I have been running a 3 Battery System with the following setup using 6 batteries, but it can be done with 3 batteries also. I wanted to go to 24 and 48 volts with a 24v potential difference, so I'm using 3 pairs of batteries. The middle battery (or batteries) are always part of the Primary...they never become used as the Battery 3. So I am only switching between the other two.
Also, I am adding solar to the middle batteries and this makes some very interesting advantages when there is good sun. Because the solar pushes these batteries high and they are in series with the other Primary batteries, The Primaries and the potential difference between the positives remain very high for a long time. It also allows for Battery 3 to be charged to a higher level before the system has to be switched. And because there is extra energy from the solar, all the batteries can gain as the system cycles.
I added a DPDT switch and by throwing that one switch I swap batteries AND reverse the leads of the load. This is because the middle batteries can have their positive as the high voltage positive (+) all the time and the other batteries provide the low voltage positive (-). This means that with one switch the low voltage positive changes. And the load is always attached to the middle Primary's high voltage positive (+), so only the low voltage side (-) needs to be changed. When it comes time to run the energy back the other way, you just throw one switch...and it's done.
Notes: The big orange switches are set and not changes in this setup. I use them to switch each pair of batteries between 12v and 24v. With this current setup they stay in 24v arrangement all the time. Also, if you notice that there are three thick red wires attached to the black switch. They are for switching the batteries and there are black wires for the load switching, but they are hard to follow. BTW, the load lead switches to the opposite side from the Secondary that is being switched to.
It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been researching, experimenting and building all the time...every day. Enjoy.

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