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My belief.

This is the sort of thing my own experience has shown me.

Answering to the question "Is there data available to quantify a loss in lead-acid battery quality from low-voltage events?" here are two good sources:

"Battery life is directly related to how deep the battery is cycled each time. If a battery is discharged to 50% every day, it will last about twice as long as if it is cycled to 80% DOD[1]. If cycled only 10% DOD, it will last about 5 times as long as one cycled to 50%. Obviously, there are some practical limitations on this - you don't usually want to have a 5 ton pile of batteries sitting there just to reduce the DOD. The most practical number to use is 50% DOD on a regular basis." --

"typical life of starter and deep-cycle batteries when deep cycled:

Depth of Discharge Starter Battery Deep-cycle Battery
100% 1215 cycles 150200 cycles
50% 100120 cycles 400500 cycles
30% 130150 cycles 1,000 and more cycles
" -- Lead-based Batteries Information ? Battery University