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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
I have been building for at least 20 years now,
I know very well the disinfo that "distracted" me for so long
I don't need any money to run tests,
or at least to run physics tests,
as a warning, I know physics and chemistry quite well.
I have been contacted before to set up "tests" that would kill me.
so, tell all, where did you get info from ?

I ask that you tell us all your testing requirements,
if you have issue with that, then why ?
I have no interest in directing anyone's activities, but I have every interest in encouraging people to do this sort of practical work.

I long ago realised, no one is going to make any money out of this sort of work, the very process of trying to monetise it, brings you in contact with the people who will take it from you. Publicising your knowledge as you acquire it also makes you subject to adversity, and there is a hypothesis I have heard made in all seriousness that the knowledge protects itself by surrounding the bearer with controversy! I've found that a genuinely honest and benevolent approach IS the only way to get by, as soon as I stop being "nice" and looking for the pleasure (and excitement) of doing the work, it all gets a bit wibbly wobbly). Consequently I tend to come and go a bit, as far as forums are concerned.

Being asked to run tests that would kill you is a new one one on me, however! What sort of tests? I mean much of this work COULD kill you, but that seems a bit much. I have a policy of only doing my own stuff, (unless it's regular contracted work of course or I like and want to help someone) which keeps life fairly simple.

I want nothing from anyone that they aren't giving freely to anyone else, and even then probably not! I got more ideas than I have power to implement them at the moment.

I will admit I am leaning towards suspecting that the alexy device, is not as transparently honest as it initially appeared, but I have received further information this week, which when I have both processed it and obtained permission to share it, IF I believe it's helpful to this discussion I'll post it. That's not a teaser, I'm just working to simplify the process of replication, by processing the information Alexey has provided, and asking the obvious questions. There will always be conflicting opinions, and I appreciate that guy with the "D-something handle" putting his alternative interpretation forwards, which bears consideration IMHO, but when people urge me to "THINK" I get a bit distracted, as we all do, with wondering why he (and several others) are so insistant we should accept their wisdom. And when people start getting condescending, then the insights just slip away to find nicer company!

Be warned, I am telling truths that I have witnessed everywhere people are trying to work these problems.


I promise to try my utmost never to do a line all in caps again, but this is the most important thing I have learned about this science.

That's if you want to learn and have fun, of course. There is a wonderful side to all of this stuff, if you can be nice about it and resist the urge that always appears at some point to get annoyed about someone else's stupidity. IF you catch someone misleading people about the technology, or pushing misleading ideas if you are dedicated to the truth, you do have a duty to publish a refutation, but you have to do it without rancour.

I hope you don't mind me lecturing (anyone who reads this) a bit, but I really want my flying car, and giving you the psycho spiritual tools that work for me, might get me there quicker!

You have some really bright minds here, and potentially some solid knowledge too. I urge all of you to use it to build unity, not argue needlessly, nor allow the few liars and miscreants that appear to ruin a good thing. The nicer you can be, the better this works.

I aim to be able to provide good things with no strings attached at some point in the future, and if I learn stuff from you guys that's just a bonus!

I am concerned that there appears world-wide to be only ONE attempted replication, and taht rpecious thing is here on this thread so full of comment that if teh guy doing teh works publishes anything no one will be able to see it!

Only 1 attempted replication is not enough, really, is it? That's why I'm interested in finding ways of getting more work done. And in this particular case, "nailing down the information" so that if I have to be the second person in the world to try this (that's how rare it is for people to be doing the actual work, not talking) at least I will know I built it right, and if it does not work, it won't be because I "guessed" wrong on how a component was originally specified...

To my way of thinking, if Alexy wanted people to replicate this device, he would publish a diagram, and a list of parts with dimensions materials and tolerances specified. and when people INEVITABLY (as they do) ask for a ready made kit of parts, clean up by selling them, via ebay or amazon!!

That way you give it away and make your money honestly (and copiously after a short time, I bet!) from those who wish to spend it... Simples!

Enough from me, hopefully the chap doing the replication attempt will have some data soon. I'd love to have a go myself, but I have too much else on at the moment.. Really, I have a preposterously long list of ongoing activities, which do include a few interesting other experiments, but I've hit my stack overflow point a while back when it comes to new projects, even short ones, like building and testing one of these.

I'm sorry if I repeated myself a bit, but it's so late I'm not sure I can edit it any better.
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