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Battery store.

I needed a battery today and called by my supplier.
When they were filling the acid I had a look round and noticed a few Optima
batteries in a corner.
They looked a bit different so this evening I had a look on the ‘bayOptima YELLOW TOP YTS 4.2 8012-254 8012254 AGM Battery 12Volt 55Ah 765A is an AGM technology dual-purpose deep-cycle and starting battery. This battery has three times the cycling capability (rechargeability) with ultimate cranking power for your auto, car or truck to outperform traditional batteries. This battery is perfect for powering heavy electrical loads, including winches, audio systems, inverters, and other demanding vehicle accessories and electronics. Lower internal resistance provides more efficient power output and faster recharges.

Main Features:

Lasts twice longer than traditional batteries
More than 15 times the vibration resistance
Completely spillproof, mountable in virtually any position
Faster recharging
300+ discharge/recharge cycles

Unfortunately all of this comes at a price. They seem to me to be about
three times the price of the ones I usually buy.