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Originally Posted by axxelxavier View Post
Hmm, I thought this thread is about makers, about sharing experiences, about learning together from each other. I shared without any restriction all that I have learned, with failures and small progresses, sometimes...
I am not complaining about anything, I don't ask anything, I'm not judging no one, I am only asking:
what is the purpose of this thread, after all?
Anyway, I want to thank everyone who tried to help me: hat off!
Good luck in your researches!
Best regards,
Hi axxelxavier,

It does seem like Turion contradicts himself and avoids answering questions. I thought Aaron's resent posts explained the phenomena at the heart of the matter. So I altered my experiment plan to explore directly what he explained rather than repeat what you did. I just need to wait on delivery of the instrument (in the mail) so I can document the charge cycle energy. Hope you stick around. I like to see your data posts.


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