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There is much confusion over the Tesla Turbine.

I am going to clear up the confusion with my analysis of the US Patent 1,061,206 and US Patent 1,061,142

It is important to understand that there are actually two machines within the US Patent 1,061,206

One is a turbine and has a diverging nozzle.

One is a rotary engine and has a straight port.

This is why the machine that was burning wood had so much torque.

It had a straight port!

Now that you know this, you can identify that there is a lack of Tesla turbines across the world. What people have built is a Tesla rotary engine.

If you want torque on the primary axle, build a rotary engine. If you want a high speed turbine to propel a second stage machine to take the torque from 2nd stage axle, build a turbine.

Here is my evidence:


Blue = 1,061,142 Patent = Pump = Machine for propelling fluids

Pink = 1,061,142 Patent = Compressor = Machine for compressing fluids

Green = 1,061,206 Patent = Rotary Engine = Machine for turning other machines from its own shaft

Orange = 1,061,206 Patent = Turbine = Propelling machine for turning second axle geared by air or for turning second rotor on same axle

Yellow = Valvular Conduit reference


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